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Our physiotherapy center is fully equipped and up-to-date, ready to handle any incident.


TECAR therapy:

TECAR therapy is an innovation in the field of rehabilitation, which is based on the emission of radio waves and results in the production of endogenous heat.
It has an advantage over other natural media because:

1) Has selective and targeted action
2) Offers immediate pain relief from the very first session
3) It drastically reduces treatment time


The passage of electricity through the tissues of the body causes neurophysiological phenomena. Most popular are the so-called TENS "Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation" and they are wholly part of analgesic electricity.


It utilizes the softening action of water vortex and sometimes in combination with its heat, increases lymphatic and blood circulation while contributing to the absorption of edema.


Infrared radiation:
Its application helps to resolve potential spasms of the area accompanied by pain while causing increased blood circulation.


Definition of the penetration, through the skin, of ions by drugs with the help of direct current. Immediate application to the painful area, the internal organs are not burdened, and in addition to the medicine we take advantage of the effect of current.


Beneficial effect through vasodilation, hyperemia, increased metabolism, improved cell membrane permeability muscle contraction and anti-inflammatory activity.



Paraffin bath:
Paraffin bath is a natural means of superficial heat treatment and deep hydration of the skin. It increases the temperature and circulation of blood and lymph. We achieve muscle fatigue, reduce muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Also, due to its nature, paraffin gives higher temperature to the tissues and is more tolerant than water respectively.


Fitness - Therapeutic equipment:
In our lab we love exercise and consider it an integral part of your recovery process! We believe in the importance of exercise and when properly supervised and addressed to each of you personally we achieve the best results. At your last session you will be given a home-based exercise list that will be tailored to allow the tissues to heal while you stay active, and we would like to keep you informed of your results so that your symptoms are constantly reduced and improve your health.


Physiotherapy is an essential part of recovery whether it is active or passive. We aim to increase the track width of each joint, increase strength and mobility, improve neuromuscular coordination, flexibility of muscles and increase endurance of the affected area.