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Kouzou Katerina

Graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of ATI Patras in 2009.

In 2013 she studied at the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (TEFAA) of the University of Thessaly where she obtained her Master's Degree in MSc “Exercise and Health”. Particular attention has been paid to the evaluation and rehabilitation of neuromuscular diseases and injuries. She has lived and worked in physiotherapy centers in Athens for many years, but was also active in home visits to improve the quality of life of people who could not move.
Finally, she emphasized special seminars such as the kinesiotaping method as well as her active role in conferences through presentations and publications.



Roulia Efi

Graduate of the Athens Department of Physiotherapy, specializing in mechanical diagnosis and treatment of McKenzie.

She is a certified adult teacher and has worked with a large number of public IEKs, training physiotherapy assistants. She has years of experience in providing physiotherapy services both in home remedies and rehabilitation centers, as well as in CAPs and private physiotherapists.
Continuous training has provided her with the opportunity to comprehend and approach all incidents for the purpose of effective treatment.


Finally, in 2018, they decided to work together in their own space by designing customized therapies aimed at faster and more effective treatment of the patient.